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How to Sign Up for Business Account

Spinbackup How to sign up

In order to protect your business against Data Leak and Data Loss disasters, sign up for Spinbackup Account for Business and enjoy all the cloud-to-cloud backup and cloud cybersecurity functions in one dashboard.

Dashboard: G Suite Backup and Security

Spinbackup dashboard G Suite backup security

When you log into your Spinbackup account, the first page you see is Dashboard. It presents G Suite backup and security summaries for your account. From here, you can move to the main menu, search for a specific item in a search bar, go to your admin panel, and manually start the application scan of your domain.


Spinbackup settings backup
In the Spinbackup Settings section you can manage the services backed up in your organization and set default permissions for assigned administrators. You have the option to set weekly or monthly reports to your email. The brief account summary is also provided in this section.

Data Audit of File Sharing

Spinbackup Data Audit

In the Data Audit section, you can check all files and folders shared by employees with 3rd-party users outside of your organization. You can stop sharing any file or folder with any user in seconds, take ownership of the file or folder, or cancel the “public on the web” access to it.

Domain Audit (Insider Threats Detection)

Spinbackup insider threats

The Domain Audit section gives full visibility of all users’ actions within the domain. On the base of its machine algorithm, Spinbackup assigns a risk level mark to every activity and detects employees’ abnormal behavior.

Security Alerts

Spinbackup cybersecurity Security Alerts

In the Security Alerts section, you can choose the activity levels you want to be notified about, and the way you want to be notified: via email and/or slack. If you switch on the notifications, Spinbackup will automatically notify you if there is a certain type of risk level.

How to Add More Licenses

Spinbackup How to add licenses

The more domain users are protected by Spinbackup for Business, the more secure is your corporate sensitive data. Add more licenses to your Spinbackup account now to gain more control and visibility over data security.

How to Resolve Problems with Insufficient Permissions

Spinbackup how to resolve problems insufficient permission

When you face problems with insufficient permission in Spinbackup, you should check whether Spinbackup is installed correctly for your Google Apps domain or not. This includes 4 simple steps.

Dashboard (video demo)

Dashboard is the first page you see, when you log in to your Spinbackup account. It provides the G Suite backup and security summaries.

Google Account: Deleted Data Recovery

Spinbackup how to recover Google account

With Spinbackup for Business, your data is always secure. You can easily recover deleted or lost files, messages, calendar events or the whole Google account. Moreover, you can restore data not only from your latest backup, but to any date since you signed up.