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How to Install SpinMonitor Chrome Extension

1.Open Google Admin Console 

2. Choose “Devices”.

3. On the new page click “Chrome”.

Spin Chrome Extension

4. In the drop-down menu select “Apps & Extensions”.

navigate to apps and extensions

5. In the drop-down menu select “Users & Browsers”.

go to users and browsers

6. In the bottom right corner, click on the yellow plus button and choose “Add from Chrome web store”.

choose add from chrome webstore

7.In the pop-up menu, enter the SpinMonitor extension App ID aicdamgdbpgakohokmemkmdfmobgbkgo.

SpinMonitor extension App ID

8. When you find “SpinMonitor” click “Select”.

Press Select on SpinMonitor

9. On the new page, click on the “Installation policy” drop-down menu and choose “Force install +pin”.

10. Finally, click on the “Save” button.

11. The SpinMonitor Chrome Extension will now be automatically installed to every Chrome browser within your G Suite organization.

Why didn’t my application appear?

  1. The browser version is not updated.
  2. The synchronization function in the browser is disabled.
  3. The user has not granted the rights requested for authentication in the Google account.

Shared Objects Enhancement

Spinbackup Shared Objects enhancement allows G Suite administrators a great visibility of resources, that are shared both inside and outside the G Suite organization. This includes shared resources that are not classified by any defined data leak or cybersecurity policy. G Suite administrators can update and recourt the list of shared objects according to the current set of rules. The Spinbackup system gives visibility of the rules, under which the files are shared. This allows much greater visibility and configurability for G Suite administrators, preventing any unauthorized data leak events.

Spinbackup Shared Objects Enhancement Overview

To find the new Spinbackup Shared Objects enhancement, navigate to the Data Audit dashboard. This is found under the Cybersecurity section of the Spinbackup navigation pane. The new switch is found in the upper right-hand corner of the “Items shared with the 3rd-party users” screen. The “Show all shared files” option switches when turned to the ON position. It displays all the resources shared in the G Suite organization.

The Shared Objects enhancement displays all shared resources in the G Suite organization

Shared Objects enhancement information:

  • Name – The name of the resource that is shared
  • Owner – The G Suite user sharing the resources
  • Shared With – Shows the email addresses the resource is shared with (either internal, external, or both)
  • Rules – Displays the locality respective of the G Suite organization of the person, the resource is being shared with
  • Cancel – Allows G Suite administrators to remediate any specific resource sharing

G Suite administrators have the ability to stop sharing resources defined in the Shared Objects enhancement

Incident Feedback

Incident Feedback is a new Spinbackup feature, that allows G Suite administrators to provide feedback on whether the cybersecurity event was identified and classified correctly by the Spinbackup machine learning algorithms. G Suite administrators can triage cybersecurity events, that are captured in the Domain Audit dashboard and mark decisions based on the actual event. This serves two purposes – to remediate any false positives and to tweak the machine learning algorithms, used to classify similar cybersecurity events.

Spinbackup Incident Feedback Overview

To navigate to the Incident Feedback configuration, you navigate to the Domain Audit Dashboard. To find the Domain Audit Dashboard, from the main Spinbackup Dashboard navigation, under Cybersecurity click on Domain Audit. A new column, called Status, appears to the right of the Domain Audit dashboard.

Spinbackup Domain Audit Dashboard now contains a Status field for events

By clicking on the Status field “New” hyperlink, an Incident dialog box opens. It gives G Suite administrators the ability to classify the new event.

Event Classification:

  • New – The event is a correct identification of a new threat to the G Suite organization
  • False Positive – The event was incorrectly identified as matching a cybersecurity rule set
  • Resolved – The scenario, leading up to the event classification, has been remediated

The Incident dialog box in the Incident Feedback functionality allows G Suite administrators to classify events

G Suite administrators can also add a Message regarding the new event classification. This allows any additional details, either technical or others, to be added to the event classification.

The Message field allows adding details to an event classification in Incident Feedback

Aggregated G Suite Security Reports

Spinbackup’s Aggregated G Suite Security Reports allow G Suite administrators to be alerted of all new cybersecurity events on a daily basis. The resulting cybersecurity digest email contains the cybersecurity events, detected for the day as well as the hyperlinks to the respective modules within the Spinbackup system. Aggregated G Suite Security Reports allow G Suite Administrators to maintain a good high-level overview of both cybersecurity events and high-level cybersecurity trends within the G Suite organization.

Overview of Aggregated G Suite Security Reports

The Aggregated G Suite Security Reports option in the security settings of Spinbackup allows for a simple means to enable a daily email digest of security events. Navigate to Cybersecurity >> Security Settings on the Spinbackup Dashboard to enable the Aggregated G Suite Security Reports.

Notice that on the Security Settings Screen you have the ability to populate both the email as well as Slack service. Once you have populated the Email field, you can flag on the “Get daily security summary by email” option, which enables the Aggregated Security Summary email digest.

Configuring the Aggregated G Suite Security Reports is as simple as populating the email address and flagging the feature On

The resulting Aggregated G Suite Security Reports email contains the following information:

Policy: Rule Type

The rule that was matched, which flagged the Spinbackup Incident Response system

Rule Name

  • The customized rule name that flagged the incident
  • The number of incidents, matching the various rules, contained in the configured policies

Below is an example of the email, received from the Aggregated G Suite Security Reports daily email notification.

Spinbackup Aggregated G Suite Security Reports daily email digest of cybersecurity events

G Suite Domain Audit for Insider Threat Detection

Spinbackup insider threats

The Domain Audit section gives full visibility of all users’ actions within the domain. On the base of its machine algorithm, Spinbackup assigns a risk level mark to every activity and detects employees’ abnormal behavior.

How to Activate Credit Card Number Detection for Gmail

spinbackup How to activate credit card number detection

Credit Card Number (CCN) is confidential information that many organizations do not want to be shared externally. The Spinbackup DLP features detect credit card numbers stored in employees’ Gmail and notify the administrator about it to his / her email and / or Slack.