Shared Objects Enhancement

Spinbackup Shared Objects enhancement allows G Suite administrators a great visibility of resources, that are shared both inside and outside the G Suite organization. This includes shared resources that are not classified by any defined data leak or cybersecurity policy. G Suite administrators can update and recourt the list of shared objects according to the current set of rules. The Spinbackup system gives visibility of the rules, under which the files are shared. This allows much greater visibility and configurability for G Suite administrators, preventing any unauthorized data leak events.

Spinbackup Shared Objects Enhancement Overview

To find the new Spinbackup Shared Objects enhancement, navigate to the Data Audit dashboard. This is found under the Cybersecurity section of the Spinbackup navigation pane. The new switch is found in the upper right-hand corner of the “Items shared with the 3rd-party users” screen. The “Show all shared files” option switches when turned to the ON position. It displays all the resources shared in the G Suite organization.

The Shared Objects enhancement displays all shared resources in the G Suite organization

Shared Objects enhancement information:

  • Name – The name of the resource that is shared
  • Owner – The G Suite user sharing the resources
  • Shared With – Shows the email addresses the resource is shared with (either internal, external, or both)
  • Rules – Displays the locality respective of the G Suite organization of the person, the resource is being shared with
  • Cancel – Allows G Suite administrators to remediate any specific resource sharing

G Suite administrators have the ability to stop sharing resources defined in the Shared Objects enhancement