Retention Policy for backed up G Suite data

Many customers ask us how long Spinbackup stores their backed up data. Some of them are happy to learn that data is stored indefinitely. Others want to limit the storage time as prescribed by their company policies. Spinbackup retention policy gives you customizable storage period to meet your demands.

By default, Spinbackup stores backed up data indefinitely. It means that none of your files will be ever lost even if you have deleted it from your Gmail or Drive a year or two ago. You can find them in the Lost & Found section.

1. To customize the period of time for storing backed up data, press Settings located at your Dashboard on the left. Spinbackup dashboard apr 21 settings

2. In the Retention Policy desk, select Indefinitely if you want Spinbackup to never delete your data. If you don’t want indefinite data retention then select the number of months, minimum 12 months.


Spinbackup retention policy

3. Then click Update.


Spinbackup retention policy update

That’s it. Your retention policy is updated. The next day after the assigned number of months is passed, your data will be completely deleted from our servers. Once this has happened, it will not be available to restore.