How to Resolve Problems with Insufficient Permissions

Here are 4 screenshots that can help you to check if Spinbackup is installed correctly for your Google Apps domain. See below.

Step #1. Sign into your Google Apps admin console as Google Apps SuperAdmin at

Step #2.  Go to the Apps section, then open the Marketplace apps page.

Spinbackup Google Admin Console



Spinbackup Google Marketplace Apps


Step #3. At the Marketplace page please find the Spinbackup for Google Apps application and make sure it has the status On for everyone. If it doesn’t, please fix it.

Spinbackup Google Marketplace on for everyone


You can give a permission for definite group of users, but we strongly recommend to use the first option – ON for everyone.

Spinbackup Google Marketplace on for everyone 2


If you can’t see our application at your marketplace page, please start the registration process over at

If you still have problems with insufficient permission, please feel free to Contact us.