Office 365 Backup Retention Policy

By default, Spinbackup retains the backed up data for as long as the account is active. Overall, there are three scenarios, when the backed up data will be deleted.

1. The retention policy was updated by the user. 

The retention is indefinite by default. In the Settings, the retention can be manually reduced down to six months. After the specified period expires, the backup will be deleted.

Office 365 Retention Spinbackup

2. The account expires. 

Spinbackup will store the backed up data for 30 days after the account expires. After 30 days, the data becomes deleted and unrecoverable. Also, the Spinbackup account user may request to delete the data earlier, and the data will be deleted ASAP. 

3. The license from a user within an active account.

Within an active Spinbackup account, the license can be removed from one of the users. This data is retained for 30 days. After 30 days, the data is removed and becomes unrecoverable.