Incident Feedback

Incident Feedback is a new Spinbackup feature that allows G Suite administrators to provide feedback on whether the cybersecurity event was identified and classified correctly by the Spinbackup machine learning algorithms. G Suite administrators can triage cybersecurity events that are captured in the Domain Audit dashboard and mark decisions based on the actual event. This serves two purposes – to remediate any false positives and to tweak the machine learning algorithms used to classify similar cybersecurity events.

Spinbackup Incident Feedback Overview

To navigate to the Incident Feedback configuration, you navigate to the Domain Audit Dashboard. To find the Domain Audit Dashboard, from the main Spinbackup Dashboard navigation, under Cybersecurity click Domain Audit. A new column appears to the right of the Domain Audit dashboard called Status.

Spinbackup Domain Audit Dashboard now contains a Status field for events

By clicking on the Status field “New” hyperlink, the Incident dialog box opens that allows G Suite administrators the ability to classify the new event.

Event Classification:

  • New – The event is a correct identification of a new threat to the G Suite organization
  • False Positive – The event was incorrectly identified as matching a cybersecurity rule set
  • Resolved – The scenario leading up to the event classification has been remediated

The Incident dialog box in the Incident Feedback functionality allows G Suite administrators to classify events

G Suite administrators can also add a Message regarding the new event classification. This allows any additional details, either technically or others, to be added to the event classification.

The Message field allows adding details to an event classification in Incident Feedback

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