How to Migrate G Suite to a New Domain

Spinbackup offers more than simple data migration. Besides transferring data between personal and domain accounts and between accounts within one domain, you can make a one-click migration of all your data to a new domain. Spinbackup will auto assign data migration for accounts with identical names.

To migrate data within one domain, read our How to Migrate Data between Google Accounts within the Organization article. To migrate G Suite data from one domain to another, follow these steps:

1. On the left of your Dashboard press the Domain Migration option.

Spinbackup dashboard domain migration

2. In a new window write the destination domain name and press Submit Request.

Spinbackup migration choose domain

The next step will be available after getting a confirmation from the destination domain administrator.

Spinbackup migration waiting for approval

The destination domain administrator will find the request for migration on his/her Spinbackup dashboard and in the mailbox. To accept the request, he/she should click on Accept.

Spinbackup data migration request

3. As soon as the migration is accepted by the destination domain administrator, you will be moved to the next step. At Step 2 select the services you want to migrate by pressing the appropriate checkboxes. Then select the accounts for migration. If you press the Auto assign button, accounts with identical names will be automatically matched; for example, the account will be automatically assigned to the account

Spinbackup migration select users

4. After you assigned identical accounts, select the rest of the accounts. You can search for a specific user, using the search bar.

Spinbackup migration search
To assign a user, move the box with his/her name to the appropriate place.

Spinbackup migration assign users

5. When all accounts for migration are selected, press the Start Migration button.

Spinbackup start migration

6. Press Yes.

Spinbackup migration start yes

The system will notify you when the migration process is completed.

Spinbackup migration completed


7. You will find the migrated items with their initial folder hierarchy at the destination account application in a separate Migrated by Spinbackup folder.

Spinbackup migrated gmail