G Suite Security Alerts

In the G Suite Security Alerts section you can choose the activity levels, you want to be notified about and the way you want to be notified.

To manage the alerts, on the left of your Dashboard, press the Security Alerts button.

Spinbackup security alerts

To switch on the security notifications, in the new window press ON. We recommend always keeping this section on.

Spinbackup security alerts on

You can choose the activity level you want to be notified about: low, medium and high, medium and high, or high only. Moreover, you can choose the way you want to be notified: via email or slack. Then press Update
Spinbackup security alerts level

Now Spinbackup will automatically notify you if there is a certain type of risk level, so you don’t need to check your Spinbackup account every day.

To learn more about the Spinbackup G Suite Security Alerts section, watch our Cloud App Security Alerts (video demo).