How to Download Google Data to a Local Device

With Spinbackup for Business you can easily download the backed up data from your Spinbackup account directly to your local device.

Go to and follow these steps:

1. If you already have a Spinbackup account, tap the Log in as G Suite / Google Apps Administrator button in the upper right-hand corner.

Spinbackup Log in

To create a Spinbackup account, please check our How to Sign Up for a Business Account article.

2. Insert your e-mail and password or sign in with Google.

Spinbackup Sign In

If the data, that must be downloaded, is not backed up by Spinbackup yet, back it up manually. To do this, read our Google Account: Data Backup article.

If you have the required data backed up, simply skip this step.

3. On the left of your dashboard click on Users.

Spinbackup dashboard

4. In a new window you will see the list of all your domain users, subscribed to Spinbackup. Choose the name of a user, whose data needs to be downloaded and unfold it by clicking on the +/- button. You can download files from any Google application, so choose the corresponding application name button and click on it.

Spinbackup Google download users

5. In another new window, by pressing the Version button, you can choose the backup version that corresponds to the last date, when the required data existed in the user’s account.

Spinbackup Google download version

You can choose the required version by finding it in the list or choosing the required date in the calendar. When the version is chosen, press Ok. If the desired restore point corresponds to the last backup version, skip this step.

Spinbackup Google download version calendar

Please note: Spinbackup saves the last 100 backup versions, that correspond to the last 100 days, if there was no manual backup. If a message or file in your Google application was backed up earlier than 100 days ago, hence it does not exist in the accessible 100 versions, you can find it in the Lost and Found box.

For more information about the hierarchy levels available for restore, the Lost and Found section and the restore-in-time machine, please read our Restore-in-Time Machine and Version Control article.

7. You have three ways to download your data:

  • Download several individual letters (files, folders, events, etc.):

Press the checkboxes of the data to be downloaded.

Spinbackup Google download selected

  • Download all data on a screen:

Press the upper checkbox. You can move to another page and/or change the amount of units on the screen in the upper right-hand corner.

Spinbackup Google download all page

  • Download the whole Google application of a selected user.

Select nothing and move to the next step.

Please note: This function does not work during the free trial period, when the maximum amount per one download process is 200 units (letters, files, etc.). You can download over 200 units with several download processes. To download the whole application with one click, you need to upgrade your Spinbackup account.

8. Press Download.

Spinbackup Google download

9. In a pop-up window press the Download now button.

Spinbackup Google download now

When downloading many files, or downloading heavy files, converting files into a .zip file, that precedes the download, may take a lot of time. For your convenience, you can close the window without interrupting the process.

If you close the window before the download process is over, when you are back, simply click on the Download section to the right of the Download button.

Spinbackup Google download section

10. In a new window you will see the list of archived files ready to download. Find the required file and then press the Download button. The download process will start immediately.

Spinbackup Google download archive

Archived files are available for download 3 days after being created. The expiration date and time are shown in the Expire column.

11. When downloading many files or downloading heavy files, they may be separated into several .zip archives. In your Download section you will see several archives with extensions .zip, .z01, .z02, etc. Download all the files.

Spinbackup Google download several archives

Then unpack the .zip archive. Other files will unpack automatically. If you download Gmail messages, they will be downloaded to the .mbox extension. Read our How to Open MBOX File After Gmail Download article to learn how to view Gmail exports.

12. Even after the end of the downloading process, all downloaded archives are stored in the Download section, so that you can redownload them easily before the expiration time.

Please note: By default, only the route administrator can download data from Spinbackup. However, you can nominate an additional administrator and give him/her permission to download data. You can revoke this permission at any point in the future. To learn more, read our Assign Additional Administrators and Manage Access article.