Google Calendar Backup: How to Secure Your Data

Go to and create your Spinbackup account. For signing up, check our How to Sign Up for Spinbackup Account for Business article.

Automatic backup of your Google Calendar will start the day after you sign up.

If you want to start the backup of your Google Calendar manually, follow these steps:

1. Tap the Log in as G Suite / Google Apps Administrator button in the upper right corner.Spinbackup Log in

2. Insert your e-mail and password or sign in with Google.Spinbackup Sign In

3. At your dashboard on the left, click Users.Spinbackup dashboard 0 users

4. You will see a list of all your domain users subscribed to Spinbackup. Choose the name of a user whose account must be restored, unfold it by clicking +/- button, and click the Google Calendar button under the user’s name.Spinbackup Google Calendar backup users 0

5. Press Backup.Spinbackup Google Calendar backup

6. When the backup process is complete, you can see all your Google Calendar events backed up to your Spinbackup account.Spinbackup Google Calendar backed upTo learn more about how to back up your Google Calendar, watch this video