Gmail Blacklist: How to Block Unwanted Emails Recovery

When restoring your Gmail account, sometimes, you face the problem of useless letters being restored. Advertising materials, social media notifications, or any other group of letters can be added to the Spinbackup blacklist, so you do not restore unwanted messages or the ones with email viruses.

To block unwanted emails recovery, on your dashboard on the left, click Users.

Spinbackup Gmail blacklist dashboard

You will see a list of all your domain users subscribed to Spinbackup. Choose the name of a user whose blacklist needs to be set up, unfold it by clicking +/- button and click the Google Mail button under the user’s name.

Spinbackup Gmail blacklist users

In a new window, you will see this user’s Gmail backup interface. Press the Black list button.

Spinbackup Gmail blacklist

In a new window, set up your first filter by pressing Add filter.

Spinbackup gmail blacklist add filter
In a new pop-up window, you can set up the Subject or the Sender. Then, type the full subject / sender name or its part in the contains row. In the Filter name line you can assign the filter a name. Then press the Add filter button.
Spinbackup Gmail blacklist new filter

You will see your Gmail black list interface updated with all letters containing the assigned word.

Spinbackup gmail blacklist news

You can add as many filters as you like, and can always edit or delete any of them. To do this, press the appropriate button in front of the filter name.

Spinbackup gmail blacklist edit filter

For more information about the Spinbackup Gmail services, simply read our Gmail: Backup, Recovery, Migration, Download in the Spinbackup Knowledge Base.