G Suite Automatic Backup: How to Select Backup Frequency?

By default, Spinbackup provides automated daily backup for all Spinbackup for Business accounts. You can select the backup frequency that fits your needs: once a day or 3 times a day. The last one is especially useful for enterprises with offices across varying time zones, so backup is made every 8 hours, once during the working day at any location in the world.

To switch on the 3x a day backup, you need to be subscribed for the Spinbackup for Business “Cybersecurity & Backup” plan.

1. Press Settings on the left of your dashboard.

Spinbackup dashboard settings backup

2. In a new window, in the Automated Backup Frequency desk, press the 3x/day radiobutton. Then press Update.

Spinbackup 3 day automated backup

That’s it. Now, your services will be backed up every 8 hours.