Dashboard: G Suite Backup and Security

G Suite Backup and Security Dashboard is the first page you see, when you log into your Spinbackup account. It comprises five desks, the main menu, the advanced search bar and the user’s admin panel.

Spinbackup dashboard

  • In the G Suite backup desk you can see the G Suite backup summary. It includes information about the services, the number of items backed up, and the amount of storage used. On the doughnut chart you can visually see the services that take the largest amount of storage.

Spinbackup G Suite backup summary

  • The Last 14 days backup desk demonstrates the domain backup activity for the last two weeks.

Spinbackup last 14 days backup

Pressing the period button, you can switch to the backup activity summary of any period of time, starting from your first Spinbackup activity. To learn more about the backup and the restore Activity section, watch our Backup & Recovery History (video demo).

Spinbackup last 14 days backup period

  • The G Suite security desk provides the G Suite security summary about the number of items, shared with 3rd-party users and the number of 3rd-party apps, that have access to the corporate data, the number of trusted apps, and apps that may have risk. The ratio of trusted and risky apps is visualized on the doughnut chart. To see the detailed list of trusted and risky apps, press Trusted or May have risk. To see the detailed list of items shared with 3rd-party users, press Items shared with third-party users.

Spinbackup G Suite security

In this desk, you can start the immediate 3rd-party apps audit scan by pressing the Scan Now button or move to the cybersecurity Apps Audit section by pressing the Apps Audit button. To learn more about the 3rd-party apps audit, read our 3rd-party Apps Audit article or watch the 3rd-party Apps Audit (video demo).

Spinbackup scan now apps audit

  • In the Recent activity desk, you can see the recent employee activity information.

Spinbackup recent activity

To see the detailed list of employees’ actions within the domain, press the Domain audit button. To learn more about the “Domain Audit” section, read our Domain audit (Insider Threats Detection) article or watch the Domain Audit (video demo).

Spinbackup domain audit

  • In the Protection desk you can see the number of users within your domain, protected by Spinbackup and those not protected.

Spinbackup G Suite protection

You can see some detailed information about the protected users’ backup by pressing the green Protected box or add user licenses to your Spinbackup account by pressing the red Unprotected box.

To learn more about the “User Management Console” and how to add/delete users, subscribed to Spinbackup, watch our User Management console (video demo).

Spinbackup G Suite protected

  • On the left is your main menu. Here, you can switch to your Backup & Recovery menu (Users, Activity and Settings sections) and to your Cybersecurity menu (Apps Audit, Data Audit, Domain Audit and Security Alerts section).

Spinbackup menu

To learn more about each of these sections, read the corresponding articles in our Cloud-to-Cloud Backup & Disaster Recovery and Cloud Cybersecurity Knowledge Bases.

  • You can also use the advanced search bar on the top of the dashboard to search for a specific user, message, calendar event, and any file within your backup snapshots.

Spinbackup advanced search

  • By pressing your photo in the upper right corner, you move to your admin panel. To write a letter to our support team, press the Support button. To add more licenses to your Spinbackup account, press the Billing button (more information on this is available in our How to Add More Licenses article). To move to your account Settings, press the My Account button. To logout from the current Spinbackup account, press Logout.

Spinbackup admin profile

  • For questions about the meaning of the specific buttons and functions, you can click on our Help and Info buttons.

Spinbackup help info

Or watch our Dashboard (video demo).