How to Activate Credit Card Number Detection for Gmail

In this article you will explore how to activate the Credit Card Number Detection for Gmail. Credit Card Number (CCN) is confidential information, that many organizations do not want to be shared externally. The Spinbackup data loss protection (DLP) and sensitive data protection features detect credit card numbers, stored in employees’ Gmail and notifies the administrator via email or Slack.

Credit Card Number detection is available only in the Spinbackup Backup & Cybersecurity plan. Make sure you are subscribed!

                1. In order to activate press Security Alerts on the left of your Dashboard.

Spinbackup dashboard security alerts

                2. In a new window in the Sensitive Data Detection desk, press ON for Scan Gmail messages for Credit Card numbers.

Spinbackup credit card data gmail on              3. You can find information about the detected credit card numbers at:

    • On your Spinbackup dashboard in the G Suite security desk.

Spinbackup gmail credit card numbers

Spinbackup Google Mail CCN

    • In the Data Audit section on the left of your Dashboard, in the Messages with CCN’s desk, you can preview the email with CCN by clicking on it.

Spinbackup credit card audit

    • In your mailbox

Spinbackup ccn security alert

Now, you can ensure strong security for your sensitive company data and reduce the risk of data breaches.