Sign Up for a Business Account

Spinbackup How to sign up

In order to protect your business against Data Leak and Data Loss disasters, sign up for Spinbackup Account for Business and enjoy all the cloud-to-cloud backup and cloud cybersecurity functions in one dashboard.

Office 365 Backup Retention Policy

By default, Spinbackup retains the backed up data for as long as the account is active. Overall, there are three scenarios, when the backed up data will be deleted.

1. The retention policy was updated by the user. 

The retention is indefinite by default. In the Settings, the retention can be manually reduced down to six months. After the specified period expires, the backup will be deleted.

Office 365 Retention Spinbackup

2. The account expires. 

Spinbackup will store the backed up data for 30 days after the account expires. After 30 days, the data becomes deleted and unrecoverable. Also, the Spinbackup account user may request to delete the data earlier, and the data will be deleted ASAP. 

3. The license from a user within an active account.

Within an active Spinbackup account, the license can be removed from one of the users. This data is retained for 30 days. After 30 days, the data is removed and becomes unrecoverable.

How to Turn On Auditing to Detect Ransomware in Office 365

Check if the audit log is turned on to detect a Ransomware attack.

Use the Office 365 Security & Compliance Center to turn on audit log search.

1. In the Security & Compliance Center, go to Search > Audit log search. You’ll see a banner telling you that auditing has to be turned on to record user and admin activity.

2. Click Turn on auditing.

The banner is updated and after 24 hours auditing is activated, so it will be possible to detect Ransomware attacks.

How to Install SpinMonitor Chrome Extension

1.Open Google Admin Console 

2. Choose “Devices”.

3. On the new page click “Chrome”.

Spin Chrome Extension

4. In the drop-down menu select “Apps & Extensions”.

navigate to apps and extensions

5. In the drop-down menu select “Users & Browsers”.

go to users and browsers

6. In the bottom right corner, click on the yellow plus button and choose “Add from Chrome web store”.

choose add from chrome webstore

7.In the pop-up menu, enter the SpinMonitor extension App ID aicdamgdbpgakohokmemkmdfmobgbkgo.

SpinMonitor extension App ID

8. When you find “SpinMonitor” click “Select”.

Press Select on SpinMonitor

9. On the new page, click on the “Installation policy” drop-down menu and choose “Force install +pin”.

10. Finally, click on the “Save” button.

11. The SpinMonitor Chrome Extension will now be automatically installed to every Chrome browser within your G Suite organization.

Why didn’t my application appear?

  1. The browser version is not updated.
  2. The synchronization function in the browser is disabled.
  3. The user has not granted the rights requested for authentication in the Google account.

Dashboard: G Suite Backup and Security

Spinbackup dashboard G Suite backup security

When you log into your Spinbackup account, the first page you see is Dashboard. It presents G Suite backup and security summaries for your account. From here, you can move to the main menu, search for a specific item in a search bar, go to your admin panel, and manually start the application scan of your domain.

User Management

Spinbackup user management
The Users section is the main panel for G Suite administrator to manage users’ backed up data, set up individual autobackup settings, and assign additional administrators and manage their access levels.

G Suite Backup Settings

Spinbackup settings backup
In the Spinbackup Settings section you can manage the services backed up in your organization and set default permissions for assigned administrators. You have the option to set weekly or monthly reports to your email. The brief account summary is also provided in this section.

How to Upgrade Your G Suite Account after the Free Trial

How to upgrade account after free trial
Spinbackup offers you the most affordable pricing plans with the most convenient conditions.
After you recognize you want to upgrade your account from a free trial to a paid version, you should select whether you need a Cybersecurity + Backup or Backup only plan. Within both of these plans you can select between Unlimited and Custom storage, Annual and Monthly subscriptions.

G Suite Automatic Backup: How to Select Backup Frequency?

Spinbackup how to select automatic backup frequency

By default, Spinbackup provides automated daily backup for all Spinbackup for Business accounts. You can select the backup frequency that fits your needs: once a day or 3 times a day. The latter is especially useful for enterprises with offices across varying time zones, so backup is made every 8 hours, once during the working day at any location in the world.

How to Set Up G Suite Security and G Suite Backup Reports

spinbackup How to set up backup security reports
Spinbackup is all about automatization. Once you register your account, you may never need to visit it until you need to restore your data. In addition to the security alerts that are sent to your mail or slack when security issues occur, you can set up the weekly or monthly reports to get fully informed about what is going on in your Spinbackup account.

Retention Policy for backed up G Suite data

Spinbackup retention policy backup

Many customers ask us how long Spinbackup stores their backed up data. Some of them are happy to learn that data is stored indefinitely. Others want to limit the storage time as prescribed by their company policies. Spinbackup retention policy gives you customizable storage period to meet your demands.

How to Add More Licenses

Spinbackup How to add licenses

The more domain users are protected by Spinbackup for Business, the more secure is your corporate sensitive data. Add more licenses to your Spinbackup account now to gain more control and visibility over data security.

Assign Additional G Suite Administrators and Manage Access

Spinbackup How to nominate administrators

In Spinbackup for Business by default only a route administrator has access to a business account. However, it is possible to nominate additional administrators, and provide them with a flexible level of access to Spinbackup data.

How to Resolve Problems with Insufficient Permissions

Spinbackup how to resolve problems insufficient permission

When you face problems with insufficient permission in Spinbackup, you should check whether Spinbackup is installed correctly for your Google Apps domain or not. This includes 4 simple steps.

G Suite Security Dashboard | Video Demo

Dashboard is the first page you see, when you log in to your Spinbackup account. It provides the G Suite backup and security summaries.

User Management Console

The Users section is the control management panel for G Suite administrators to manage the domain accounts subscribed to Spinbackup.

Spinbackup Settings section

In the Spinbackup Settings section you can manage the services backed up in your organization, and set default permissions for other administrators that you assign to the account. You have the option to set weekly or monthly reports to your email. The brief account summary is also provided in this section.