g suite backup and recovery

Automated Daily G Suite Backup

Automated Daily G Suite Backups are a crucial part of protecting data in today’s public cloud environments and an integral part of data security. Backups allow data to be reconstructed after a potential security event, resulting in data either being damaged, deleted, or corrupted accidentally or intentionally.  Data loss can occur due to accidental or intentional deletion by an end user as well as damage inflicted by an attacker.

Google Account: Data Backup

Spinbackup How to backup google account

Spinbackup for Business backs up your data automatically every day. The very first backup starts the next day after you sign up. However, at some exact moment you may need to backup your data manually. With Spinbackup, you can do it.

Google Account: Deleted Data Recovery

Spinbackup how to recover Google account

With Spinbackup for Business, your data is always secure. You can easily recover deleted or lost files, messages, calendar events or the whole Google account. Moreover, you can restore data not only from your latest backup, but to any date since you signed up.

How to Migrate Data between Google Accounts within an Organization

Spinbackup How to migrate data between google accounts

With Spinbackup for Business, you can easily move data from any Google account to any Google account within the organization.

To do this, go to www.spinbackup.com and follow these steps:

How to Migrate G Suite to a New Domain

spinbackup How to migrate google apps to new domain

Spinbackup offers more than simple data migration. Besides transferring data between personal and domain accounts and between accounts within one domain, you can make a one-click migration of all your data to a new domain. Spinbackup will auto assign data migration for accounts with identical names.

How to Download Google Data to a Local Device

Spinbackup How to download data to local device

You can use Spinbackup for Business to download backed up data from your Spinbackup account directly to your local device. This function is available for all Google services in all backup versions.

Restore-in-Time Machine and Version Control

Spinbackup restore in time machine version control

In Spinbackup, we offer much more than a simple backup and restore of lost or deleted data from G Suite, you can also take advantage of our state of the art restore-in-time machine, which gets you the most from every backup. Here is how this works.

G Suite Backup and Recovery History

In Spinbackup Activity section you can see all backup and restore activity within your organization. You can also see task activity and user activity. You have the option to select different time periods to view earlier activity history.