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How to Backup a Gmail Account

Spinbackup How to backup gmail

Spinbackup for Business backs up your Google Mail automatically every day. The very first backup starts the next day after you sign up. However, at some exact moment you may need to backup your data manually. With Spinbackup, you can do it.

Gmail: Deleted Messages Recovery

Spinbackup how to recover gmail

If you have a Spinbackup account, you can rest assured that accidentally lost or maliciously deleted letters will be easily recovered to a specific date. Even the whole Gmail account can be restored with several clicks.

Gmail Blacklist: How to Block Unwanted Emails Recovery

Spinbackup gmail How to block unwanted emails recovery
When restoring your Gmail account, sometimes, you face the problem of useless letters being restored. Advertising materials, social media notifications, or any other group of letters can be added to the Spinbackup blacklist, so you do not restore unwanted messages or the ones with email viruses.

How to Open a MBOX File After Gmail Download

spinbackup How to open mbox file

When downloading many emails from your Spinbackup account to your local device, the messages are downloaded in the .mbox extension. You can easily view them on your computer following these steps.

Google Mail Backup and Recovery

In the Gmail backup interface you can manually backup and restore data, migrate data to a different user, download it to a local device, check your e-mails content, use the black list and use the advanced search bar to search for specific files.