3rd-party Apps Audit (video demo)

In the 3rd-party Apps Audit section you can scan all applications with access to corporate data at G Suite to identify all possible business risks and security threats.

Applications are marked as ‘Trusted’ or ‘Risky’ on the base of the score, assigned by Spinbackup machine algorithm. This way Spinbackup saves administrators’ valuable time, that they would spend analyzing each application separately.

This section provides information about how many users and what users every app has access to. The administrator can mark applications as trusted, remove access to the application or set up a black list of the applications, prohibited to be used in the company. Spinbackup will automatically revoke access to the black list applications.

Watch the video to learn more about the Spinbackup 3rd-party Apps Audit.

To learn more about how to backup, restore, and protect G Suite data, read Spinbackup for Business Knowledge Base.

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